Wednesday, 19 January 2011

frosty day

I woke to the sight of the workshop roof (and everthing else I could see from the kitchen window) well be-rimed! Then I realised that the clean overalls were neatly folded and sitting in said cold workshop....
I chose to tidy and sort in the slightly warmer house!

Lunch is ready, Green Cheese Soup!! (Broccoli soup....I suppose you could make it with a Blue Cheese, but that might be a bit strong!) Washing done and on the line now that the sun has arrived at our side of the valley. Sunday's mountain of washing has been aired and kept.

I have almost run out of clay! I've arranged a good deal with our local potters'supplies firm-they buy a ton of what I use. I buy 250kg from them at a time as that is affordable and less than I'd pay direct for 250kg. They can sell it by the bag from their showroom.

One problem....the clay company has run out! I've located a bag sixty miles away!! Friday's trip will be to fetch that, and supplies for another potter....and a day out too!

Pots made from now until the supplies arrive wil be small pots.

Back to tidying now. It may be bright sunshine out there, but it is still cold.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I saw your comment on my blob. We had a one day thaw and the studio felt glorious--40 degrees F outside and sunny! The day before that had been minus 8 F and today, 18 degrees is SO hard working with wet hands in winter isn't it?

gz said...

it is indeed- and you daren't use warm or hot water, as you get raw skin and collapsing pots!!