Wednesday, 5 January 2011


cue hollow laughter.

I need another two day a week job to replace the one that finished at the beginning of November.

It is a cold and drizzly day, so I have been looking online.

I remember my mother's advice "go and get a nice little shop job dear" . Shop jobs are not "nice".
All the smaller shops can't afford staff. All the bigger shops' staff jobs are filled.

I'm looking at the lists of vacancies-all relatively short-and I can't see anything I'd be qualified for, let alone be considered for. Even cleaning jobs are far and few between and the last time I did one I damaged my back.

I can't say that I like this time of the year.


Linda Starr said...

Lots of folks here have taken to buying, fixing, and reselling items to make money, or selling unwanted, unused, or unnecessary items they have in their homes. Times are definitely tough.

Hawthorn said...

Just a suggestion - what about a gallery where you can keep an eye on trends, some where you may already have some of your pottery? I know what you mean about your mom's suggest 'a nice little shop' but like you say - they are often too little to support extra staff.

What about a school teaching assistant? or support staff?

I've been at this stage and it's not nice, not being able to follow your craft and having to be 'sensible' so the bills get paid. Fingers crossed xx

gz said...

I have worked in and assisted in running a gallery, so I'm qualified for that.I'll tap the 'grapevine', see what is going there!

For schoolwork you have to be qualified.I wouldn't mind assisting in one of our local Welsh medium schools, but they ask for qualifications I don't have. I think I could manage a day or so a week!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

You said it, not the most likeable time of year at all....