Thursday, 13 January 2011

a rainy Hay day

It was wet and windy all last night, and with luck eased off for the journey today.

We only had a few fine showers, but the air was thoroughly damp. Market sales were down all round, but we all want to keep this market going-it has lasted at least seven hundred years so far!!

I sold a bag of books that I had weeded out from my shelves at home, to a secondhand bookshop (there are plenty in Hay!!). That netted nearly twice as much as I expected....that is incentive to do a bit more weeding!!

On the way home I detoured to deliver a box of work to The Court Cupboard near Abergavenny.
Selection for the Black Mountain Circle is on Monday....looks hopeful. I think I'd fit in here, and could sell well too. I'll have to do one day per month in the shop/cafe, but it is a nice place to be, so no complaints!

Heavier rain again on the way home. Weather warnings for more rain and flood warnings on some rivers all over Wales.


Zhoen said...

At least you're not in Queensland.

gz said...

Just emailed friends in Brisbane-I heard that they live high up enough. Just hope he'll have a job to go to.

Brazil and Sri Lanka have been affected even more by the rain.

ladyofclay said...

Crazy weather all over our Earth, I'd say !
Do you know if your job centre posts international jobs ? We need help on our grain farm and have been wondering where the most appropriate places to advertise in the UK would be. By 'appropriate' I mean so that people with the skill set we are looking for would see the advertisement. I can't say I know where the largest grain production areas are over there.
Maybe you could send some info my way, whenever time allows ?

gz said...

You could ask on

This is a forum for sustainable living.
Plenty of farmers on there, not just in the UK. Members (its free) in USA too, most of them snowbound at present!

I'm sure someone on there would know.

soubriquet said...

I have a gazillion books. far too many, and a whole lot of them should be culled, being altogether lacking in lasting virtue.
I wish I lived near hay on wye, but my options largely seem to be dumping them on charity shops.
Oxfam has handy book donation bins at supermarket car-parks, but I'm ideologically opposed to Oxfam, having had too many overseas working friends tell me negative things about them.
I'd rather it go to local charities really.
But I just never get around to it.

gz said...

Soub, I agree with you about Oxfam. They are also beginning to overprice everything as well. So if you are shopping there because you are skint....wonder who they think they are selling to.
I started weeding my books and stuff yet again because I can't ask others to do something I'm not doing myself. Also being snowed in made me really look at and see the clutter! Less clutter means I'm thinking clearer.
Do a little at a time.