Monday, 10 January 2011

A Rainy Day

A cold and rainy day, getting progressively wetter through the day.

I have been encouraged by the dental hygenist...and told off by the dentist. Who understood a little more when I pointed out that I'd had food poisoning in July. My health has been a bit down ever since-I just feel that I'm fraying at the edges a bit. Two teeth to mend and one to crown.

Then we started the Tour of Cardiff Scrapyards. On Boxing Day (St.Stephen's Festival in Welsh)
2009, eight cars in our lane had a wing mirror wrenched off. I lost the nearside mirror. Boxing Day 2010, only four ...and I lost the other one.
The Oily One came too, and £10 saw the purchase done. That is the easy bit- the door card has to be removed to get at the bottom two screws.....and getting it all back on is the worst part.

By then I was in need of sustenance and we were only two miles from Ikea....and had a very tasty Brie and Spinach Tart!!

Back home and time to get Teigar in her travel box. Cat "MoT" time-she gets a yearly once over, just like the car!! She needs to go on lighter food as she is getting on now, but otherwise she is fine...and vocal! Discussions were had with her whilst we drove....she isn't best keen on roundabouts, however easily you take them!
She has settled back fine and seems to have taken well to the change in food so far.

So no work today, just very busy. Back to the wheel tomorrow!