Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Day

More pot photography this morning, that is all the stock I have here done and just a few archive photos to take of work I've done since 1966.

Yes, I do have my first pot- a trailed and feathered slipware dish made from a slab!

One phonecall from Mountain Man and I'd grabbed a quick lunch (good thing I hadn't frozen the left over soup!) and was ready by the time he had walked down to the village.

Then we were off, parked near our usual place at the Easternern foot of Twmbarlwm, walking around the fire road. The errant ponies , a mare and two foals, were just where he had left them the day before after moving them up off the field where they had been kept safe.
He managed to dose the mare (worming) but walkers with dogs unsettled the foals. No way were the foals going to agree to being haltered and dosed then!

So we walked up to Pegwn y Bwlch then up Twmbarlwm, Mountain Man leading the mare and the foals following and myself bringing up the rear. At the top, by the ramparts of the Iron Age earthwork, we split and I went around the Northern side. From there you can see a fair way along the common, but no more ponies were to be seen-although much evidence was underfoot!

Going around the other way, Mountain Man had found half a dozen others, so left the wanderers with them. We think that more are in the forestry where there is shelter and a fair bite of grass for them, but it is going to be a job to find them! (and bring home the mares and foals.)

Then a special treat for New Year's Day, a drive up to Merthyr Common to visit friends who own the stallion that Mountain Man has on lease. When we arrived, another couple from Markham Common were already there, and before we left, another couple came to visit, brother of the man we were visiting and his wife.
So much pony talk amongst the men, life in general with the women! Much tea drunk and the world put to rights all round!!

The Weather is turning cold again and there is talk of more snow in the longer term. We'll just have to deal with what She throws at us!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh gosh, all these adventures and no pics :) We had it warm but its turning to snow again....

gz said...

pics on The Carpenter's computer, I blogged this from the laptop

madpotter1 said...

Are these work ponies? They are lovely ponies and by the look of their coats........ winter is cold there.

We are back in the deep freeze here too........


gz said...

They could work, and he has sold some for childrens' riding ponies.
You could have a pony and trap, save on fuel, get fertilizer as a by-product ;-)