Sunday, 30 January 2011

day off

Friday car working and The Carpenter off to help Daughter and family mend the damage past tenant has done to a house. Phone to apologize that I can't get to my usual Friday meeting at the velodrome with the club...and get a call from the Carpenter...they are ALL coming back to stay, as there is no heating!!

Madly tidy the house-there were drying pots and reclaim clay on boards in the kitchen and living room!! There was no way they could return to the workshop as it was below freezing out there! Plastic stacking mushroom trays to the rescue!!
Make a quick supper for five..noodles, mixed veg and mixed beans. I don't usually cook on Friday nights off! Then sort beds and bedding.

I had a good night's sleep on the sofa...The Twins shared The Carpenter's room with him and woke him at 4am, wanting to play! I reckon he was glad to be back off to their house for a bit of peace and painting with his brother in law!!

So instead of a day mainly finishing pots I had a day mainly with Daughter and Twins. Very nice!
With an Allotment Gardens committee meeting and lunch with Mountain Man thrown in for good measure.

The Oily One just spent the day....being oily! (changing the beam on a Peugeot 306 for someone)

Back together for supper before Daughter and family headed home-a two and a half hour drive.

Mugs well wrapped to handle in the morning.

A day well spent

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