Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One of those days

Lots of rain.

Went to the jobcentre to peruse their jobsearch machine while The Carpenter had an appointment there.

Frustrating....for both of us.

He isn't happy and it is unsettling me.

Clutter makes it worse. I have a small heap of books to go.

Trying to choose pots to go for selection for the Black Mountain Circle, who run the Court Cupboard Gallery near Abergavenny. I've managed a 'short list', but I'm not 100% happy with it. Pots that I'd like in it are in Ebbw Vale or sold!

Tried to sort out why paypal hasn't paid the first two test payments in to my bank, despite emailing to say that they had- I would love to be able to deal with them one to one, face to face!!

Eventually managed to throw seven small bowls and three bigger (soup) bowls.

Still feeling dissatisfied and ruffled.

And it is STILL raining.


Zhoen said...

Poor dear. Prrrrr. Prrrr. (Purring cat always calms me down, you see.)

Hawthorn said...

The weather doesn't help when life is a bit unsettling it seems to add to that dissatisfied feeling.

Hang in there, spring isn't too far off and just the thought of warmer weather and green shoots has a wonderful positive effect.

gz said...

The cat is The Oily One's cat...but she is looking after The Carpenter.
Cats know