Monday, 3 January 2011

More pony moving

When we arrived at the far end of the common this morning, one foal was being fed by a person in a car. People assume that because they are not in a field, that they are neglected and starving. There is still a good bite for the ponies on the tops, and if they hadn't been fed there they would have found their own way home as usual.
With a little persuasion- and the pony equivalent of muesli in a bucket- and one false start-we slowly got them going.
The next picture is looking up to Blaen Cwm Lleucu (the back of Lucy's Valley- Blaen means front, but the back of the valley faces forward..!) or Cwm Lickey in local dialect. Mynydd Llwyd (grey mountain) at the top
Here I go, following ponies again!
then it started snowing a bit more...
We walked them to near the top, and I think they are headed for the rest of the bunch that is usually around there.
Then we walked back down.
This is looking down towards Cwmbran
Snow on the beech trees
My New Year's Present!
Which was very useful indeed .

The snow was coming in bigger settling flakes, so instead of a picnic lunch in the car, it was a quick drink and a banana and off to take Mountain Man home.

I managed the 1 in 6 sections and the Z bends, but stopped at the top of the steepest part. I could have got up it, just, but coming down would have been dicey as the snow was settling fast.

Now the snow has settled in the village, but thankfully the roads are still clear.


madpotter1 said...

beautiful pictures..........

glad the ponies are home
and hopefully the fence is fixed!

gz said...

the road goes through the edge of the common. So there is no fence, just cattle grids

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Love the pony chronicles! They look so fuzzy...what kind are they? Dare I say Welsh?

gz said...

Welsh Mountain ponies, Section A (the smallest classification)
Nice and hairy, so nice and warm!