Sunday, 23 January 2011

day off?

No making today, all the clay is too soft. The new bag and the throwing slops have been drying all day on ware boards, the new clay in little "hump backed bridge" shapes, the slop in sloppy heaps.
The new clay has now been wedged (mixed by kneading) and is nearly all back in its bag.
The slops are, well, a bit less sloppy! With this weather they were not drying atall in the workshop.

I have sorted a little paperwork, into different mushroom trays- to be sorted and not mixed up!

I have done three loads of washing, and with today's breeze it has nearly all dried, even though it was still cold.

I looked at the bookshelves-and they looked back. Hello, friends!

Most of the afternoon has been taken up with trying to rationalise my price list. Are my pots the right price? I have looked at pots on Etsy and other potters' websites, trying to avoid the highly priced (but very nice!) ones. It is all very well working out "this pot costs me x to make"...what you need to know as well is what is the price that a pot will sell for, even if it cost more to make?

Some pots you make because you love making that shape. An indulgence, perhaps. On the other hand we have to pay the household bills.


Green Tea said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
My grandson is going to make me a Tea Pot in his class at school.
So he said anyway..
I did find a very nice Tea Pot till then, now I can enjoy my green tea while I read. :)
I am not very crafty, but for some reason my Grand kids have all gotten the talent.
Maybe it has to do with the lack of patience that I was not blessed with :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

You get older, or a little older, and your back and your body is like 'do I want to use my energy and make a million bowls for a low price or do I want to sit around and make a higher priced teapot?'. :)

Lori Buff said...

Isn't it funny how when we take a day off we don't really take the day off?