Monday, 29 August 2011

Art in the Yard

Yesterday I picked sloes, then went to the Court Cupboard. I'd brought clay and tools just in case- which was lucky as others had been unable to come, and spent the afternoon making dragons!

Today I returned and spent the morning demonstrating session throwing, then the afternoon session turning and decorating the platter above.

There was a blacksmith making ram's head toasting forks, a quilter finishing a baby quilt and a weaver spinning and plying yarn.
Then we all had a barbecue supper to celebrate a successful weekend!

Although we eat indoors- it was dry most of today, but the breeze was chilly.


Zhoen said...

Oh, that's beautiful.

WOL said...

What a great plate. I like the contrasting color of clay on the rim, and the design of the saying with the fish.

gz said...

The brown clay fires black, and the clay I work with fires white! I could put a blue transparent glaze over this, it could deepen the black

Anonymous said...

hello! thank you for your comment on my blog post, it was very kind of you...and good to know that i'm not alone in missing someone.

I've just been checking out your blog, and am now a follower :-)
Saw your post from the 28th...I've been wanting to go to Talgarth for months now! Apparently the old hospital there is absolutely fantastic to explore and take photos!


gz said...

The hospital isn't too far from the centre of Talgarth-I don't know what access is like as it is closed.

Hawthorn said...

Our sloes are still 'green bullets' with out a hint of purple yet - I should know, I keep checking!
The platter is beautiful x