Sunday, 21 August 2011

hot afternoon!

This weather can't make its mind up!!

I went for a short walk with The Oily One, after a cuppa, then wrangled some housework- so conscience salved before venturing to the workshop.

Where I have been working with a towel hanging over the outside of the window, just shadowing my wheel, so that I don't scorch!!

The cat is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, looking up....she reckons that it is time for The Carpenter to come down here! to 1. feed her (again!) and 2. play.
I just think that it is time he sorted himself out, and got the washing on too!!

Back to work..more turning and decorating to do, then make some small corner-filling items for this firing.

Could even be dragons....


Zhoen said...

There be dragons...

Did the cat not find a sunbeam?

gz said...

The cat has found a Carpenter and is purring very contentedly!

saving for travel said...

A lovely picture of your day!

Sft x