Friday, 26 August 2011

kitchen day

Rasberry jam from Rasberries picked yesterday.
Was supposed to be Greengage and Apple Cheese, ended up more like a jam- NB, reduce pulp a bit before weighing.

A double size Vegan Chocolate worked! That is for the Black Mountain Circle party at the end of the special weekend, after we close! It is luscious without any topping, especially if made a couple of days beforehand.
Omi's Carrot Cake for us, without the frosting.

Podded all the Broad Beans and sorted the Eat Now, Save for Seed and Freeze.

Sold a small domed lid box on Etsy...thankyou Lizzie!

The weather started chilly but ok today, and spit and spatted a bit of rain about lunchtime.

Then it really got into the swing of things and rained heavily, and it is still wet as dusk is falling


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Busy times. Picked our first brambles today (blackberries) and watched a storm skirting just off the West coast heading for the South. Enjoy all that deliciousness. xx

red dirt girl said...

mmmmmm, raspberry jam on fresh, homemade bread ~ heavenly! aren't you the lucky gal ??!


Relatively Retiring said...

How satisfying!

And isn't the rain wonderful?

gz said...

RR, yes to both! we needed the thunder the other day, things grow after that!!

I'd still like some decent sunshine and warm summer evenings...the fruit needs it ...and so do I :-)