Saturday, 6 August 2011

a better day

Glazed pots listed. Now to decide what next.

Front wheels balanced and tracking done on the car. Now I'm legal *and* safe!

Shallotts lifted, a row of potatoes too, and an empty half bed turned over lightly.

Picked the first Runner Beans!!

Sold a small yarn bowl and a spoonrest for a wedding present.

Rode the road bike down to the Velodrome and the weather was just right, not too hot for riding. I took a lot less time than last week!
The Carpenter and The Oily One followed down, good to see them talking with friends. They went on ahead after the first half mile or so on the way home, so I hoped for supper to be ready when I such pizza in the freezer and no inspiration!!


Jo said...

You should always keep a spare pizza in the freezer :)

gz said...

The problem being the people who eat the last one and don't put "pizza" on the list....