Saturday, 20 August 2011

my day at Court Cupboard

I was all ready to go, keys!!! After 45 minutes of hunting, they turned up where I'd already looked several times, when they wanted to be found!!

I arrived to find a queue and another member just opening up. Luckily I was only ten minutes late.
The gallery had a good day, starting with one of my pint jugs. The afternoon was quiet, but I heard that the town was busy, probably as it was the first day of the Green Man Festival.

The oregano was full of honey and bumble bees (above).

The Walnuts haven't all succumbed to the ravages of the squirrels, unlike much of the unripe hazel nuts, beech mast and acorns.
and just to prove that not everyone visits by car to the gallery...
after a chilly start it must have been a beautiful ride in the sun


yeractual said...

All's well, that ends well, or so they say! Looks lovely. Summer still with you over in the Principality. Can't place the site of the horse pic, though Where is that? The Green Man is an interesting festival - good location at GlanUsk (I think) and some fine performers. Always meant to give it a go, but somehow never got around to it. I see the Avetts are there this weekend. They're a fine band. A few years ago we saw them play in NC at a festival we often attend. J was sitting next to their parents who were delightful and ever so proud to see their kids playing up on the main stage ! Hope the sales continue well - and the garden, of course!

gz said...

The horses and riders visited the gallery at The Court Cupboard, which is at New Court Farm, at the foot of the Skirrid near Maindiff Hospital outside Abergavenny

Kath said...

Love that old mounting block.
Hope the sales go well.

Michèle Hastings said...

glad to see your co-op day was a good one too. i went out the side door midday and was greeted by two riders on horses... they were out for a ride only, no shopping for them.

red dirt girl said...

keys can be tricky little devils! glad it was a good day.


saving for travel said...

So who hid your keys? chuckle.

Hope your sales go well.

Sft x

Relatively Retiring said...

Glad it was a good day for you.
I have a bank of oregano in the garden, and when the sun comes out it's heaving with bees.
Is your work in this Gallery regularly?

gz said...

sft, the keys hid themselves...I'd already looked in exactly that spot twice already!

RR, it is a co-operative of artists/craftsfolk, so my work is always there