Sunday, 28 August 2011


I had a Day Out today, and after picking runner beans, blackberries, rasberries , cucumbers and parsley at the allotment I set off for Talgarth, at the foot of the Black Mountains, where the Black Mountains Festival is on this weekend.

I wandered round the town, to the various sounds of rock music, a silver band, a fairground ride , a stilt walker and LOTS of people! I met a few friends in the craft fair and country market and talked to a pair of large (16-17 hands) black, very smart carriage horses. I wanted to go to the newly opened water mill to have a tour and see the garden and visit the cafe and the acquaintances who run it...but, good for them, it was full! Long queues and full cafes are not my thing!!

Instead I followed the river upstream and found a tributary. I must look at an old map to see how many mills were here at one time.
This is where the mill leat runs off, to the left of where the people are standing.
I enjoyed a walk around the back lanes, seeing old houses and cottages being cared for, and orchards of fruit ready to pick.
A visit to Hay on Wye followed that, then around via Peterchurch and Pontrilas and back to The Court Cupboard Gallery for a much needed cuppa as they closed! I was lucky with the weather, only a few light showers, and only when I as in the car.

Day One of "Art in the Yard" had been a success- two days to go!

It felt odd having a day out...and odd being alone.


Zhoen said...

Still, a Grand Day Out.

Catherine said...

Days out alone can be much needed and refreshing. Looks like you had a lovely day! Cx

red dirt girl said...

Beautiful photos, lovely walk... is there any place near you that is not picturesque??? I hear you on it odd being alone. Definitely a day that needed sharing. Well ... you've got us blogging pals with you.


Mouse said...

Lovely walk and a great day out
I think you'd like the gorge in Brittany where I walked the dogs...
maybe next spring?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. I love how you talked to the carriage horses. (I do the same.)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely to hear that old places are preserved here. The value of such properties can never be replaced. Thanks for your kind words re: the birthday...I like your thoughts on why my sister stayed as long as she could...setting the groundwork as best as she could. Cheers.

Hawthorn said...

Walking on your own is an odd feeling when you are used to walking with someone, however it is also cathartic to be able to walk and think and reminisce with that person in your heart.