Tuesday, 23 August 2011

bigger bowls and dragons

Yesterday I finished turning and decorating the bigger platters and bowls.

I like the size they are NOW....it is starting to feel right. Next step, make even bigger ones to get where I want after they shrink!
I need to make some more to turn and decorate during the "Art in the Yard" at Court Cupboard Gallery on the coming Bank Holiday weekend. I'll be demonstrating on the Monday at least. So I can do both things at once.

This morning started damp, and consequently not so cold initially.

Housework wrangled , I cleaned off the boards in the workshop, kneaded a bag of clay and set to......

I never seem to make them all the same.

The sky has cleared and it has turned hot again, so they are outside drying.

Perhaps I'll do another day at the weekend as well, and do some dragon making!!

Time to go pay bills and organise collecting my next quarter ton of clay.


Michèle Hastings said...

i love the rim on that bowl. enjoy your demo day, it's nice to be able to get some clay work done and get some PR at the same time.

red dirt girl said...

ooooo! I want a dragon!


yeractual said...

Thar be dragons! Intriguing creatures (!) to say the least! I used to buy dragon bangers from Tony Turner, a butcher with a big stall in Newport Mkt. Always most enjoyable they were, too!

Me and Tilly Too said...

I love the big bowl, very elegant. Will you put some in your Etsy shop? The dragons are fun too. Damp and miserable here in Wiltshire, oh how I wish the sun would shine! Lesley x

Gary's third pottery blog said...

just gorrrrrrrrrgeous!

gz said...

Bowls and dragons will be going in the Etsy shop.

When the dragons are dry, firing starts!
Probably tomorrow, and that will speed the drying of the large items.

My mini Etsy square has gone! I wonder if they have changed the address slightly?

Jo said...

Firing dragons sounds wonderfully appropriate :)

Zhoen said...

I am impressed. Never could manage any large-ish bowls, even. I could about make decent palm sized bowls.