Friday, 12 August 2011

speeding up!

This week so far!
The middle board has finished items on it, the rest are from the past two days.

I started yesterday with turning and cutting feet
with knobs on!!
Just blue slip inside this 2kg bowl. I didn't think that it needed any image inside.
Dried pots in the kiln, out of the way and out of harm's way!
One builder's bucket of recycling! I don't usually let it build up this much. The next bucketful is on its way already as I had a plastic clay bag of dried trimmings ready to slake down.
It was fine until 3pm today and pots were drying well, now it is giving very fine rain showers. So no gardening yet.
If it is raining tomorrow morning I'll do some light turning, to give my hands a rest.


Relatively Retiring said...

Such lovely bowls.....I like the feet and knobs - very rococco!

red dirt girl said...

A fine day's work!


Peter said...

Always nice to see the shelves filling up with new work. I like the bowls with the curly rims, they'll look lovely all glazed and finished.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such goooooooorgeous bowls :)