Tuesday, 16 August 2011

batch finished

I finished the bigger berry bowls this morning, then the l.5 kg bowls after lunch.

The rims are getting interesting!!
Then it was clean the boards, get more dry pots into the kiln, knead one boardfull of reclaim and get it bagged and make the other boardfull into humpbacked bridge shapes. Then it should be dry enough to knead and bag up in the morning.

Next to plan tomorrow's throwing. I need even bigger bowls, some platters and cheese bells, plus small things to fill up those wasted spaces! That wont all get done tomorrow!

I need to think about an exhibition theme "Celebration"....It starts at the beginning of October, so the submission date needs checking too.


saving for travel said...

Beautiful work!

Sft x

red dirt girl said...

I love the look of the bowls drying on the boards. Celebrate the things most important to you: friends, family, gardens, walks ...

I wish I could figure out how to purchase a dragon bowl from you. I might have to use Soubry as an intermediary .... will think on it.


Michèle Hastings said...

beautiful bowls!

gz said...

RDG, wait until I've solved the packing problem! Then possibly it would be cheaper to have Soub as a carrier instead of sending it!