Thursday, 4 August 2011

Meh !!

I can't seem to get going today. All bits and bobs and no oomph. Too wet underfoot to go for a walk anywhere interesting, or to garden

Still, I have posted a small yarn bowl on Etsy, and tried a new recipe for Banana Thingies, thanks to KatieOwl on downsizer forum. Also had a tyre changed on the car, so I'm legal!.

Which is not a lot, seeing as I've been up for ten hours.


Jo said...


Andrea Ingram said...

Love the idea of a small yarn bowl. Do you have a long gossip bowl too?

I say this having just woken up from an afternoon snooze, the rain battering down after a morning in the darkroom, a dog walk on the beach and the looming reality of wrestling some miscreant [metaphorically] to the ground tonight at work!

Relatively Retiring said...

And I tidied the shed! All the metal is WD40-ed and the wooden handles linseed oiled, and I feel a million dollars!
I might even have to blog about it!

gz said...

A long gossip bowl....I'll have to work on that one!!

RR, that is definitely worth a blogpost!

Anonymous said...

You're always so busy, a slower day will do no harm at all.