Monday, 1 August 2011

bike day!

No pictures today...The Carpenter is home, so I'm back on the laptop, and...I forgot to take the camera today!!

Housework defeated, I sallied forth on the mountain bike...and put the rain jacket on after a quarter mile!! It was warm too, so it was wet inside and out!! After seven miles I had a hill to walk up...I am not bike fit!! and being out of mountain weather, the coat came off, with relief.
I'm ok on the flat, and never have been brilliant on hills (track bankings are a different story!!) I was on the way to the dentist in Cardiff to have a Spring Clean...and a natter with the hygienist!!
Then to the main dealers for a rubber seal to go on the back of the intercooler on my car...not in stock in Cardiff, missed the delivery man leaving the Newport branch, so I had to go there myself....extra miles!!
I had aimed to come home along the Flats between Cardiff and Newport, but hadn't planned to go round Newport and past the Velodrome before heading home.
It was getting muggy and warm as well, and I joined the canal towpath with six miles to go home. It was cool beneath the trees, just what was needed, and once home the mugginess cleared and the sun shone.
I think I've done at least fortyfive miles. I'll be roaring fit again soon at this rate!!


yeractual said...

Hell, that is a fair run! You must be pretty exhausted. Take it easy with a glass or two of plonk, helps relax the muscles, which must be aching a bit, I'd think!

Andrea Ingram said...

45 miles. Good stuff. You will be riding the Masters soon :-)

gz said...

Andrea it is tempting...but I do enjoy helping with the signing on and Being Usefull!!

I would have preferred to do these miles on my road bike, but when you have to park the bike, its the non-sus old Giant MTB, track nuts not quick release hubs and nothing easily nickable on it!

Jo said...

45 miles on a mountain bike. Meep :)

gz said...

on not quite slick not as hard work as MTB tyres for the gnarly stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Good going!