Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I managed to get to the garden rather later than planned- potters need housekeepers AND personal assistants!! At least I did get there- this morning it was raining steadily from at least 3am, and by breakfast you could only just see over the treetops. At ten o'clock you could see the base of the raggedy clouds some one hundred feet up.
Above is the Summer (?) foliage on the fence!!

Then I found that I had a young garden assistant...


saving for travel said...

Playtime looks fun!

Sft x

Zhoen said...

Animals bring us to Now so well.

red dirt girl said...

What plant is the foliage? I love its purple-ish colour!


gz said...

RDG, the colour is less purply more red in real life. Still very attractive.
I'm not sure what it is, just nipped a cutting from a plant that had grown over a wall! I know it isn't Russian Vine, aka Mile a Minute, and I don't think that it is Virginia Creeper.

Hawthorn said...

I suspect - looking at your photo, the vine is a Virginia creeper(Parthenocissus quinquefolia) and they do have glorious colour in the autumn

gz said...

I thought that someone would recognise it!

Autumn colour in August??

red dirt girl said...

I wondered if it was Virginia creeper. Autumn in August, indeed. But weather has been strange all over the world this year. Thanks for the info!