Wednesday, 17 August 2011


They are getting bigger.....I must watch that they don't get to big to fire!!

The dream of a place outside the village where I could build and fire a decent kiln and have my own garden is so tantalising.

We always talked of the ideal, being halfway up the Mountain, to accommodate both our needs!
He needed to be near his stock, I need a water supply a bit more reliable than just rainfall.

Ah well, back to working with what there is!

My late, much missed father always said, "Plan A, win the lottery, Plan B, go to work on Monday morning" !!

I can't say that I buy many lottery I'm just working on throwing better pots!! It has been such a pleasant day today, nice breeze, warm sun, working has come easier.


Hawthorn said...

My dear dreamer of a husband mentally 'buys' lottery tickets every week, plans what he would like to buy with it....(with out even parting with any money) and then goes back to work on monday.... don't give up on the day dream xx

Jenny Woolf said...

I've always wondered how much fuel a large kiln takes.

red dirt girl said...

My plan A is winning a lottery ... until then, well i do as i can do and dream of a future.


Kath said...

Dads, they are the best :-D

Relatively Retiring said...

It sounds as if the work is really good for glad it's going well.
Actually buying a Lottery ticket only very slightly increases the chances of winning.