Sunday, 14 August 2011

work but not!

Pots well wrapped and wheel cleaned down ready this morning, before doing the laundry and dashing off to the Allotment Committee Meeting... meetings always take longer than you allow for!

I'd hoped to pick broad beans afterwards but it was raining.. but had finished by the time I'd arrived, I wasn't going to tempt fate and return to the garden!!

I just managed to get an ordered mug in the post, but missed the collection. It will be on its way North on Monday. First step of the journey done at least, even if it is only four doors along the street!

After lunch I had an afternoon out with The Oily One. Not really an afternoon off, more leisurely work. We collected a small rubber car part, then headed for Craft in the Bay sales yet, so we had a wander round to Herb and Ellie's Deli for a coffee and to see a friend.

That lifted the spirits, so we ventured to Cowbridge to see if there might be a shop that I could get my work into.....nothing as far as I could see. There is The Old Barn in Verity Street, a lovely building but unfortunately (for me) workshops for local makers and the local bike shop. I must ask someone living locally, but there was nothing obvious.

Home for supper as it started raining after a fine afternoon and posting more on Etsy.


Jo said...

Leisurely work is good :)

saving for travel said...

Having a coffee with friends is a lovely way to spend an hour!

Sft x