Thursday, 11 August 2011

getting going

Getting going takes an age, doesn't matter at what time I start! It is improving thankfully.

Seven demijohns were freegled (freecycled) on Wednesday, the table is still a bit cluttered, but is now more organised! Half is full of some of the latest pots, so I'm living with the new shapes.

Then I set to trying out different ways of doing the logo on the mugs. I haven't done inlay since just under thirty years, so the technique is a tad rusty! I've tried several ways on two mugs, and they'll be mugs for the house when fired!

I finished cutting the holes in two small berry bowls too, only just in time as they are drying fast. Despite the chilly wind and not a lot of cloudfree sun, it is quite warm.

Today it has been rainy and sunny, so no outside jobs to use as an excuse! I turned, cut and finished five small bowls before a friend came to visit and buy three bowls!

She runs Monnow Valley Arts, a beautiful place with a gallery and sculpture garden in a breathtaking and inspiring setting.

After she went I got inspired and threw a dozen more bowls..then checked my "post" on the computer and found I had sold more on Etsy, from being mentioned on another friend's blog.

Networks and Webs! Every little helps, and keeps me going, for which blessings be thankful!!


Andrea Ingram said...

Hi Gwynneth,
Did you get my order?

Zhoen said...

Good to hear.

gz said...

Andrea, no I haven't.

yeractual said...

Getting better, slowly perhaps, by the sound of things. Take it easy from time to time and try to catch a bit of summer before it's gone again. Wales can be wet and driech for many months in winter! The Monnow Valley Arts gallery/centre looks lovely. I know Walterstone - not a lot to know, really, although I think it had a tiny pub just off the back road, to left going up hill, which was interesting and okay. Used to drive past sometimes on way to and from office in Newport - made a nice change to the trunk road routes, esp in summer! delighted with me mug, now in daily use! Made it here intact, too! Thanks again.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

niiiiice :)