Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Two day trip

I've just been to stay with Daughter and Family, and been chauffeured by The Carpenter, and many thankyous to all concerned :-).
My car was almost ready, but better to have it finished properly before I use it again.

We had a wander around Aberystwyth yesterday afternoon. If I had to live in a town, it is one I wouldn't object to. It is a bit far from Our Mountain though!!
Two salt pots were chosen and paid for after supper, a commission that had given problems, as they do!!
Then Daughter helped sort which pots to submit for the Christmas Market submission. Sometimes you need another point of view when your head just grinds to a halt!

Today started a little chilly but soon got hot. Everyone else was out of the house soon after seven a.m. We got to Aberystwyth again at about 9am.
Pots duly labelled and priced, then delivered to the Arts Centre. I'll know yea or nay within a month.
I treated us to a chocolate brownie and a chocolate orange tiffin from the Arts Centre cafe, a place of marvellous food! Then we were headed back on the road again. Driving was tiring for driver and passenger alike today, and a break in Talgarth was welcome. We had a legstretch walk around the town.
The water powered flour mill in the centre of Talgarth has been restored, and there is a cafe and bakery using local wheat and tours around the mill (£3.50 for an adult) They have done marvellous work there. I bought a programme for the Talgarth Festival which is over the August Bank Holiday....perhaps I'll go?

Back on the hot road again for the last push to home, over Llangynidr Mountain and down the Ebbw valley to Cwmcarn.

There on the mat was a nice welcome...and the Mouse's Cheese Bell is on its way now!

I've been back for about three hours...I've lunched....and stopped....I'm sitting on Our Sofa, with the afternoon sun streaming in the window, and it is reasonably quiet.

Time to get supper on the way early, then get up to the garden when its cooler, before the midges start biting!!


Jo said...

My memories of Aber will forever be tainted by it's part in my teenage discovery of alcohol...

*whistles and says no more*

Nera said...

Was in the bay today stopped by your display and left you a message in the visitor book, the photos defn don't do full justice, I love the bowls and the one with the holes, the metallic sheen on the pieces is so subtle. Tbh I loved them all and promised myself one as a gift should I get the big lottery job, interview part 2 on Friday morning.

gz said...

Best of luck with the interview!
I love the subtlety of light salting, which is good when you share a kiln, you can choose different places for different effects....and hope!!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Glad you had some nice family time too G. So good for the soul. xx

Ciara said...

Sounds like a satisfying, productive trip! The best kinds of trips. :-)

Kath said...

I hope you feel somewhat restored from your trip and that they spoiled you a bit.

gz said...

They haven't time to spoil anyone, with the Twins to look after! It was a welcome change, although I'm not very motivated today!

Anonymous said...

((o)) x