Saturday, 6 August 2011

mountain ponies

I had felt that things were not as they were last week.

Only about ten ponies are left on the mountain, and unfortunately they aren't the best of Col's stock either.

I knew that something had to be sorted about them. Unfortunately it has been assumed that I was "not interested" and possibly that as I had no part in owning them, it was none of my business.

How could that be, when they have been such a part of my life for three years? Animals that came to me unbidden, even without food in the offing!

What is wrong, is misleading me, telling me that "the more you walk up there, the more you'll see"... and being told not to worry, that they are being looked after.

What was so difficult about telling me what had been done, when they know full well I am concerned for them?


Zhoen said...

These are not people concerned about you, or indeed anyone but themselves. It would never occur to them to consider you.

gz said...

Yet they know I am in contact with others who are concerned for the ponies' future too.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh GEEZ!

English Rider said...

What has happened to the rest?

gz said...

I don't know.

They don't seem to realise that they are of little monetary value at present- a good mare and foal went for £40 last week. A passport and chip will cost that, each, and the costs for last year's foals will be about £200 each as they need DNA testing as well.
The knackers will not want them as they are too small and will not cover their costs.

If they do go for registration as Section A, they will also have to have the papers signed by the sire's owner.

They could be in one part that I haven't got to yet, but it is very odd that they would be in one group and not moving about. Col had been teaching me to track them, and I was doing well but even without the confidence of having him there to verify what I'd found, I can see that there is little trace of them in their usual places.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

If only those who cannot, WOULD see!
Is there protection for these types of ponies? Are they a native species? Maybe you could talk to a land conservancy group.

gz said...

that gives a good history, and also links.
At the moment I have to sit tight and wait to hear from others, and keep walking!

Each Common has its Association of Commoners too.