Sunday, 7 August 2011

garden party

I managed to move awkwardly and slightly strained some tired muscles in my back, yesterday morning! Still, keeping moving is helping, as did a warm bath and embrocation!

So just light gardening, a few more potatoes lifted and shallotts brought in from the lunchtime rain, before going to the vicar's garden party..luckily the rain stopped!

Very nice garden, music, tea, lots of people talking....

I met a lady who was born in Rhyswg Fawr, of the Lewis family who farmed there before Col.
Col's father used to go and help shear their sheep and they would come down to help him in return.
She left the mountain fifty years ago when she married and has lived in the village since then.

I didn't recognise anyone else there, but I'd probably know some if I saw them on the street! I didn't stay long as I prefer mountains to crowds!

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Kath said...

I know that feeling. Its nice to dip into the social atmosphere, but so lovely to be back at home, and peaceful again.