Wednesday, 24 August 2011

workshop day

Action day today! The dragons have been fitted into the spare corners around the bowls in the kiln, and the bisque was fired. It went well, no audible explosions! I took it slowly to start with, with some bigger bowls in the firing.

While kiln watching I threw small boxes and it was good to do more, as I haven't made any for a while. They'll be good corner fillers too! Everything seemed to be running late today- I got up later than normal, so everything shifted I suppose.
After a late lunch came a few more boxes as the kiln finished, and the first ones were ready to turn over on the boards already.

The Carpenter and The Oily One had been in Gloucestershire today and came back at teabreak time...only to go out again....the cat was disgusted. She'd been sulking all day already!!

Back to knead a bag of new clay, having dried it out a little, and re-bag it to rest a bit.
Then I made some bigger platters to turn and decorate next Monday. Another small cheese bell, then I started on a bigger bowl.

I've left it to stiffen a little, to finish throwing in the morning. It is a bit soft, and I'm a little tired! I'll wrap it when I check the workshop last thing tonight.

It was a little chilly, but nice and fresh first thing, then warmed up well, though you could feel dampness in the air. The rain showers started by one and carried on until teatime, off and on, as showers do!

The clouds are moving quite fast, and as I write, it is just after a quarter to nine in the evening and already dark.
I need a walk on the mountain, I'm feeling stretched a little thin and tired.
There is so much to do and I miss having someone who can say "Let's go up there Now!! You can do all that later!!"
Then you do it later, and you're not so tired, despite having walked for a few hours as well.


Zhoen said...

Go to the mountain to restoreth the soul.

red dirt girl said...

What a lovely sunset - with such gorgeous vistas, I'd want to walk too!


Chris said...

Hi Gwynneth

Found you through Jacqui's blog.

Lovely pots!

WOL said...

A good brisk walk out in the fresh air clears your head, and gets the blood flowing.