Monday, 15 August 2011

"yer be dragons" !!

Going on steadily today, not a good day for drying as it is damp and chilly (August??!!)
The small berry bowls I finished yesterday
and I have four more larger ones to finish
One can have fun too....the dragons are back!!


aromatic said...

Incredible pottery... and I really like the dragons.
August for us today is quite cool and blustry... definitely a need for wearing a fleece whilst doggie walking!
Jane x

Hawthorn said...

Dragons are good!! xx

Andrea Ingram said...

Wonderful work. Looks like I will be buying more soon :-)

Zhoen said...

The pattern of holes is a delight.

red dirt girl said...

Oh gz, I LOVE those dragons! I have a dragon 'thing' being born in a dragon month in a dragon year. Well done, girlfriend.


WOL said...

That's an interesting rim treatment on the berry bowls. Elegantly simple.

gillyflower said...

Like all I see here - you are so talented! The dragons are fun!Love the berry bowls, and the ornate rim on the first bowl.
Recently back from Wales where we had a bit of rain last week, particularly last sunday when we got soaked to the skin by torrential rain on Herbrandston beach west of Milford Haven!
Gill xx

Me and Tilly Too said...

I love the berry bowls, they're so sweet. Are you going to put the dragon bowls on Etsy? They're a must have, one off item. Lesley x

gz said...

I need to find a safe way of packing the dragon bowl and suchlike first.

If the postal service can manage to break a well packed small mug, I'm wondering what I'd have to do to keep a dragon safe!!

Anonymous said...

You had me with the berry bowls! But the dragon...I love it! Wonderful work!

(from a wannabe potter)


Kath said...

August? I caught myself thinking about christmas, only to remember with a jolt, that it was still the summer, not the autumn HA HA

I like the dragons. What we need in the shops in Glastonbury, is a dragon you can burn insense inside and the smoke will waft out of his nostrils. I think that would go down very well indeed.